Attention Parents!!!! Bus Rules Review!!

Please talk to your students and reivew this with them.

Students need to remain seated on the bus until it stops!

No harmful or hazardous materials are to be brought onto the bus: this includes all aerosols, perfumes, hairsprays etc!

Students are to get on and off the bus at their designated stop except in the cse of an emergency. In this case the bus garage should be notified and told where the student will be dropped off. (435) 586-2864.

Thanks, Robyn, Newcastle Bus

Eunice, Beryl Bus

Congratulations on an OUTSTANDING choir performance at the Iron County School District opening institute.


Thanks to Students, Parents, Teachers, and our choir director


Mrs. LuAnne Brown

Attention Parents!!

We have a great opportunity to take our 3rd, 4th, 5th and Grades to perform at Opening Institute on August 11 this year. They are going to be performing for all of the educators in Iron County. We were invited to do this directly from the Superintendent, what a great honor this is for us. Mrs. Brown and the students have worked very hard this year to be able to go do this. 

Choir Schedule:

August 6th: 10:00-11:00 am Practice at our Elementary school.

August 7th: 8:30am-1:30pm Meet at the Elementary. Take the bus to Cedar. Go to the Historic Theatre in Cedar City and watch a movie after the practice. Students must bring their own lunch. Pick up your child at Escalante Valley Elementary at 1:30pm. This special activity is ONLY for those who will be performing.

August 11th: 6:30am Bring your student to our Elementary school. Students get on the bus. Opening Institute at 8:30am at Canyon View High School. Return to the Elementary school around 10:00am. Please be there to pick up your student.

Please contact LuAnne Brown with any questions 435-592-3828 or You may also contact your students teacher.  

SmileSpecial Thanks!!!


We want to thank all those who helped put together a great event at our school last night. We held our Jaynee Jamboree fundraiser last night and had a wonderful turnout. Many worked so hard to put this together from the booths, food, set up, clean up, etc. Thanks to all who participated!!!!!! 

Escalante Valley Presents a Night of

Performing and Visual Arts!!!!

Come and enjoy the wonderful performances!! Thursday May 15th @6:00 pm!

E.V.S. Talent Show

Thursday, May 9: Music and forms due

Monday, May 12: Tryouts (we will come get you in the afternoon)

Monday, May 19: Performance 1:00

It’s time to start practicing now!

Music may be sent to school on a CD, flash-drive, or Google Drive (via e-mail). E-mails can be sent to We will not be able to purchase music on iTunes or any other platform for your child.

Please have a parent fill out the form below if you would like to participate.



Parent Signature:_______________________________


Recite a poem

Recitation of other kind

Joke Telling

Short Skit

Photography (slide show)

Art (Slide show)


Movie Making

Puppet Show (may need to be filmed in advance)



Magic Act




Musical Instrument

Be creative and have fun!



We have begun our SAGE end of year testing, writing portion. We will finish with that tomorrow and move on to the other subjects. Here are the classes testing days ( subject to change if needed )6th Grade- LA-April 10 & 11, Science-April 24th & 25th, Math-May 1st & 2nd. 5th Grade-LA April 10 & 11th, Math-May 24th & 25th, Science-May 1st & 2nd. 4th Grade-LA April 22nd & 23rd, Science April 29th & 30th, Math-6th & 7th. 3rd Grade-LA April 22nd & 23rd, Math- April 29th 30th. Please try to make sure your kids are at school for these dates as much as possible. If there are any changes we will let you know. 

Shh, We're Writing the Constitution

The 5th Grade is putting on a play about how the Constitution came to be!!! Please come join them. It will be in the Gym on March 6, at 6:00pm. Admission: is your donation (optional) to their classmate Jaynee Peterson. There will also be a bake sale for Jaynee so feel free to bring your own baked goods to sell. Hope to see you there!! 

We just wanted to thank every one who came to our Parent Night last night.We love the support from parents. We learned many helpful and nessesary things about Internet Safety and things to be aware of. Also a special thanks to Mrs. Haught, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Heaton, for putting it together and everyone else who helped run it. THANKS!!

Please Come to our Cyber Safey Parent Night!!

We are pleased to announce that we are having a Cyber Safety Night here at our school, Wednesday Feb. 26th from 6:00-7:00pm. Chris Haught will be teaching Internet Safety information such as; How parents can help keep kids safe while online and on devices ( Phones, Ipods, Ipads, Kindles, apps to be aware of etc.), Cyberbullying and all other types of Internet Safety. Also Mrs. Jones will do a short presentation on SAGE for parents to see what their kids testing experience will be like this year. Please come and enjoy this well needed instruction so we can keep our kids safe. There will be dinner and door prizes, such as Itunes cards. Hope to see you all there!!!  CYBER SAFETY WEBSITE

First Annual Escalante Valley Elementary Spelling Bee

Escalante Valley Elementary is excited to present our first Spelling Bee.  The winners from fourth and fifth grade will compete at the district level.   CLICK HERE

  spellingbee.jpg                                 To Find out more information, rules, and the lists    click image

Date: February 28, 2014 Friday

Time: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Place: Escalante Valley Elementary Gym



Happy New Year

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful New Year!

Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed our Christmas Program


Halloween Carnival

We would like to thank everyone in our community for coming to our Halloween carnival and making it a huge success.  We would also like to thank our awesome PTA for all the work and preparation that took place.  It's fun to be part of such a supportive community!

Sorenson Legacy Foundation Grant

This year, Escalante Valley School is the recipient of a grant from the Art Works for Kids Foundation.  This foundation was created by Beverly Taylor Sorenson in 1995 and is dedicated to quality arts teaching and learning in Utah's elementary schools.  We are excited to bring Mrs. Emily Peirera on staff to facilitate this grant in our school.  She will be working with our children in the Performing Arts.  Mona Woolsey will also be helping our children with Visual Arts. You can find out more about the Art Works for Kids Foundation by clicking here.

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